Toronto, Canada


My name is Maria Cristina and I would like to share our wonderful experience when my mother came to Canada with the help provided by RCIC, Susan Dasmarinas. It was one of the happiest days of our life when my mother landed in Canada. It didn’t take her long  to come here. All you need to do is to prepare all the necessary documents & fees and rest assured that Susan will take care of the rest. She is knowledgeable in the application process, the forms and documents required to ensure that our submission would be accepted by the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada). I highly recommend the excellent services that Susan provides.


Maria Cristina Abulkishk
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada




It has always been my dream to come, work and live in Canada. It was not easy, but it was worth it. When I came here, I saw the beauty and the endless opportunities that this country offers to foreigners like me. This inspire me to bring my family members here so they can also experience the wonderful things I am experiencing. I decided to start processing my Mom’s Visa application online all by myself. However, it is harder than I thought it was. I needed somebody to help. Luckily, my friend recommended Mrs. Susan Dasmarinas. I did not hesitate to call her, for she already has numerous successful applicants who are already here in Canada. Susan is very helpful, thorough, reliable, kind, and sweet. She made everything seems easy, all we did was fill out the forms she sent and send it back to her and she will handle the rest. In short, it was less of a headache. To make the story short, my Mom is here now, thanks to the help of Susan. She knows her job so well, she is competent and highly recommended.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada